Kocani Orkestar A Gypsy Brass Band (CD)
Gypsy and Romany musicians have a special gift for taking native music and enriching it, thus encouraging the development of styles and traditions in music and song specific to a particular culture or people. For the gypsies, playing music inevitably means inventing something new. In the case of the trumpeter Naat Veliov, leader (kapelnik) of his own brass band, this statement takes on a particular flavour, for the band`s style can only be described as wild! In the Balkans, orchestras based on the brass band model are very specifically Romany, and from Western Serbia to Macedonia they have transformed the static role of traditional bands into something gloriously imaginative and alive. The original traditional bands were founded in the 19th century in imitation of the Turkish military bands that replaced the original Mehterhan bands of the Turkish janissaries from 1828 onwards.
Released by Long Distance, 2003, Format: CD
17,00 EUR

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