Warsaw Village Band Uprooting (CD)
The new CD Uprooting is the Warsaw Village Band`s boldest venture yet. On the one hand, the ensemble invited representatives of traditional Polish folklore to join it in the recording studio; on the other hand it forged contacts with two dub-sound and scratch specialists. In view of this unusual blend of elements and epochs, the band had every reason to borrow the old Reggae hero Burning Spear`s words of wisdom as the motto for Uprooting: "Remember the past, but keep it livin` in the future". A perfect description of the Warsaw Village Band`s chief intentions.
What is special about - and characteristic of - the band are the trance-like rhythms of two drums and the so-called "white voices" - near-screams, primeval, clear and wild, combined with the szuka (knee-violin), cello, dulcimer, violin and hurdy-gurdy. The WVB experiments with its roots, creating an entirely new, suspense-charged relationship between the traditional and the modern. Its great love for its national musical heritage and the will to preserve the old musical traditions are the chief ingredients of its success. For the WVB, however, preservation does not mean restoration but - as in the case of "The Pogues" and "Les Negresses Vertes" - reanimation, the conveyance of the songs` spirit into the present. So Polka gets a shot of Techno. And even if it is produced by acoustic instrumentation, the sound of WVB comes across with the force of E-powered music. Structures of minimal music are as detectable here as contact to certain rock formats. The result is a sound young people identify with, a sound that has mesmerized audiences all the way from America to Japan. While the Americans refer to it as "New Folk", the band itself emphasizes the trance-like quality of its music.

Released by Jaro Medien, 2004, Format: CD only
15,50 EUR

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