Balkan Blues Various Artists (Double CD)
Balkan Blues is a dip into the incredibly rich music of the Balkans. Appreciating this diversity of musical sounds is easy. Figuring out where they came from is more difficult. At one time, the entire area was part of the Ottoman Empire. That`s what accounts for certain performance styles found across this region. There are epic tales of local heroes who rose up against the Turks like the song performed by Toni Iordache of Romania. Many of the songs from the Balkans seem to follow the "love and loss" motif that`s familiar to American blues songs. The Greek tracks on this anthology by performers such as Niki Tramba and Loudovikos are particularly heavy with nostalgia and regret. There are three tracks of Rom (Gypsy) brass bands from Serbia and Macedonia. This style can be directly traced back to the Turkish musical influences of the Janissary corps. Listening to the two CDs on this anthology, one is struck by the overwhelming predominance of a folk-based popular music (as opposed to a more Westernized commercial style). The anthology has plenty of variety. The music grabs you, wrestles you to the ground and pins you track after track. - Aaron Howard
Released by Network Medien GmbH, 1999, Format: CD
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